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Janne Ritskes - Founder, Tabitha Foundation Cambodia

Tabitha was founded in 1994 by Janne Ritskes after she grew disillusioned with the policies and practices of mainstream NGO's operating in Cambodia. Janne Ritskes resides in Cambodia with her adopted daughter, Miriam. Janne is a citizen of Canada and Cambodia. She manages the operations in Cambodia with a staff of over 50 people composed entirely of Cambodians, trained by her. She has over 35 years or international experience with integrated community development programs. Her work has focused on the poorest of the poor in the slums of the US, the Philippines, Kenya and Cambodia.

Tabitha Foundation Hong Kong has no paid employees and is supported by talented, passionate and skilled volunteers. 


The Executive Committee is comprised of:

Frank Yazdi

President & Director

Agnes Ip

Head, Member Development & Education

Ariel CW Hung

Secretary & Director

Jessica Lee, CPA

Treasurer & Director


Rhythy Martin

Head, Fundraising & Events

David Daoud

Head, Development & Communications

If you are interested in joining the Executive Committee, please contact us at

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