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The savings program is at the heart of all of Tabitha's work and is best described as community development focused on families. Participation in the program is a prerequisite for families or villages to participate in any of the other Tabitha programs.


House building brings volunteers from around the world to Cambodia to help construct houses for families in the Savings Program.  These families, over the course of several years, accumulate enough savings to purchase a small tract of land and contribute toward building materials.


There is an acute shortage of schools in the poorer areas of rural Cambodia. As families begin to meet their basic daily needs through the Family Savings program, they often turn to dreams of achieving an education for their children.


Today there are still many people that live without a fresh water source. They have to walk for several kilometers to retrieve water. A water source also provides the possiblity to grow crops and feed live stock in order to bring income for the household. 


Cottage workshop provides thousands of Cambodian women a way to earn income for their families. Tabitha foundation provides not only training for the skills, but also will take in all products that the villagers bring in for sale. It is a long term and sustainable source of income for many families.


A key vision of the Tabitha Foundation is to ensure better health and quality of life for Cambodian women, particularly the vulnerable and poor. Healthier and better educated women are critical to ensuring healthy children, strong families and communities, and a stronger Cambodia.


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