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There is an acute shortage of schools in the poorer areas of rural Cambodia. As families begin to meet their basic daily needs through the Family Savings program, they often turn to dreams of achieving an education for their children. They often ask Tabitha to help build a school for the community.

Tabitha provides funding and other assistance to build and equip the school, and then passes ownership and the responsibility for the running of the school – including the supply of teachers – to the government through the Ministry of Education.

Since 1994, more than 75 schools have been built with Tabitha’s assistance. Currently, there are eight communities that Tabitha has identified as needing schools, and construction can begin when funding for the schools has been secured.

Tabitha organizations worldwide raise funds for school building projects and works closely with Tabitha Cambodia throughout the process.

Depending on the needs and the funds available, schools either have 3, 6 or 12 classrooms. Often smaller schools are built with the expectation that they will be extended when further funds become available.

On average, there are 80 children per classroom. Attendance is maximized by having a morning class of children followed by an afternoon class of different children.

Cost of schools

3-room school:   US$27,500
6-room school:   US$52,100
12-room school:  US$98,000

If you would like to start a project to raise funds to build a school in Cambodia, please contact us.


Over the past few years, the school project has evolved into a regular development program for Tabitha Cambodia. As our communities go through a process of poverty alleviation, the parents of our families have demonstrated a great desire for their children to attend school. It is part of a normal, healthy process of childhood development. For Tabitha, we are becoming more aware of the need for educational opportunities for our children.

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